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Kid-Friendly Camping Recipes + FREE Camping Journal

by | Apr 18, 2021 | cooking, field trips & travel | 2 comments

Are you planning a family camping trip? If you’re camping with kids, you’ve probably thought of lots of activities they can do. There’s hiking, swimming, fishing, geocaching, canoeing, and many other fun things that will keep them busy around the campsite. But, you may not have considered that they would probably also enjoy helping to cook your family’s meals while camping.

Even if your kids consider cooking at home a chore, they may change their tune on a camping trip. There’s just something about cooking over an open fire that makes it more exciting for kids of all ages. It’s an excellent opportunity to try foods and cooking methods they wouldn’t usually use. Most of us have roasted marshmallows or hotdogs over a fire, but there are so many other things you can cook while camping.

Below you’ll find 30 kid-friendly camping recipes. These simple recipes are perfect for kids to help assemble or cook. At the end of this post, we also have a free printable Camping Journal for Kids. Your kids can use this journal to record their favorite camping activities, campfire recipes, memories, and more.

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Breakfast Recipes

French Toast Foil Packet – This delicious French toast with cinnamon, strawberries, and walnuts is cooked in foil on the grill or campfire.

Camping Farmer’s Breakfast – Prepare this hearty breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and bacon in a cast-iron skillet over the fire or on a camp stove. Precook the potatoes ahead of time at home to save time.

Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups – The kids will enjoy cooking these cinnamon rolls on a stick over the campfire.

Gluten-Free Grilled French Toast Skewers – If you need a gluten and allergen-free option, try these tasty French toast skewers.

Campfire Eggs in a Bag – Kids will have a blast cooking eggs and bacon in a paper bag hanging from a stick over the campfire.

Orange Peel Cinnamon Rolls – Place a cinnamon roll in an orange peel, wrap it in foil, and cook it in the coals for a sweet breakfast.

Campfire Bacon – Here’s how to cook perfectly crisp bacon on a skewer over the fire.

Campfire Breakfast Burrito – These filling burritos contain potatoes, sausage, eggs, cheese, and other optional ingredients. Pre-chop and slice everything at home to save time at the campsite.

Kid-Friendly Camping Recipes + Free Camping Journal

Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Camping Pizza – These pizzas are fun for kids to assemble and super quick to cook.

Taco Salad – This taco salad is easy to put together on a camping trip, especially if you have cooked the meat ahead of time.

Easy Tin Foil Dinner – This tin foil dinner made little smokies, hash browns, and your favorite vegetables is sure to be a hit around the campfire.

Mexican Pizza on the Grill – This pizza is a fun choice if you want to try something a little different. It uses avocado instead of sauce, and there are many ways to personalize the toppings.

Campfire Pizza Sandwiches – These English muffin pizza sandwiches cooked in a pie iron over the campfire are a favorite among kids.

Foil Pack French Dip Sandwiches – These tasty sandwiches are perfect for cooking over a grill or campfire.

Easy Cheesy Campfire Nachos – Top tortilla chips with cheese and your family’s favorite toppings, and cook in a foil plate over the fire for a cheesy treat.

Hot Ham and Cheese Campfire Sandwiches – These ham and cheese sandwiches take only a few minutes to assemble and cook in a foil packet in the coals.

Southwestern Chicken Packets – Combine chicken, corn, black beans, salsa, and cheese in a foil packet and cook over the coals for an instant family favorite.

Camping Hotdogs – Kids will have fun roasting these hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls over the campfire.

Greek Grilled Chicken – This chicken is made with a flavorful marinade the whole family is sure to love. Bring the marinade to the campsite premixed to save time.

Side Dishes & Bread Recipes

Grilled Red Potatoes – These potatoes require only four ingredients, little prep, and are cooked easily on the campfire.

Grilled Cilantro Vegetables – Follow these simple instructions to cook almost any vegetables in a foil packet with olive oil and cilantro.

Fiery Campfire Veggies – Fresh sweet veggies are placed on the grill in a cast iron skillet and drizzled with olive oil and spices before being toasted to perfection.

Bacon Ranch Grilled Potatoes – Sliced potatoes, cheese, ranch dressing, and bacon come together in a foil pack to create this mouthwatering side dish.

Corn on the Cob – Sweet summer corn cooked with butter over the campfire is one of the simplest and tastiest vegetables to prepare while camping.

Bread in a Can – Homemade bread is usually a treat reserved for the dining room table, but you can enjoy fresh bread baked in a can while camping.

Aussie Damper Bread – This rustic bread is perfect for kids to cook on a stick over the campfire.

Dessert Recipes

Smacos –  This delectable cross between a s’more and a taco is made by putting marshmallows, chocolate, and peanut butter in a flour tortilla and heating it over the fire.

S’mores Campfire Cones – Place marshmallows and chocolate chips in an ice cream cone. Then wrap in foil, and cook on the grill for another fun twist on the classic s’more.

Campfire Cookies – Bake your favorite pre-made cookie dough in a pie iron over the campfire for an easy treat.

Campfire Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake – Simply dump the ingredients in a Dutch oven and bake over hot coals for a dessert that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Free Printable Camping Journal for Kids

Free Printable Camping Journal for Kids

Journaling is an excellent way for kids to record the most memorable parts of their family’s camping trip. Our free printable Camping Journal for Kids includes ten pages for your kids to fill in. There are pages covering trip logistics, what they plan to pack, each day’s highlights, camping memories, and their favorite campfire recipes. There are also pages where they can paste photographs or draw pictures of what happened on the trip. If your kids enjoy journaling, reprint the journal each time your family goes camping. You can hole punch all of the journals and store them together in a binder to create a memory book of their camping adventures.

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