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Dental Health Activities

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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, but any time of year is a great time to teach children about dental health. Forming good dental hygiene habits while they are young will help your child maintain their dental health now and into adulthood. Learning about dental health doesn’t have to be boring. Here are several fun activities, videos, and other resources you can use to teach your child about dental health. Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post for a free printable dental health activity pack!

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Dental Health Activities

These hands-on activities and experiments make learning about dental health fun.

  • Practice flossing with this activity that uses a Duplo block, Play-Doh, and dental floss.
  • Use an egg carton, white paint, and an old toothbrush to practice appropriate brushing.
  • This experiment using eggs demonstrates which drinks cause tooth decay.
  • Watch “plaque” grow in this activity using yeast and sugar.
  • Make a dental health collage using pictures of food cut from ads and magazines.



Dental Health Videos

These engaging videos teach more about dental health and hygiene.



Dental Health Books

Read a book about dental hygiene and visiting the dentist.

Free Dental Health Activities


Free Dental Health Activities Printable

Our Dental Health Activities Printable provides 10 pages of activities for kids to complete as they learn about dental health. The pack includes worksheets that cover teeth brushing, dental health, and the parts of a tooth. There is also an “all about my teeth” page, a dental care tracking chart, and coloring pages.

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Dental Health Activities


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