Freedom Homeschooling


Welcome to Freedom Homeschooling! I’m dedicated to finding the best selection of free curriculum to help busy homeschool parents save time and energy.

Hi, my name is Sarah May. While searching for free curriculum and resources for my family to use, I quickly became overwhelmed. There were so many free curriculum blog posts, web pages, and Pinterest pins out there. However, I found that many of them had broken links, outdated information, or were collections of free printables and worksheets, rather than complete curriculum. Also, organizing all of those resources was a hassle. I had bookmarks on my computer and tablet, as well as numerous Pinterest boards, making it difficult to find what I needed! So in July of 2018, I created Freedom Homeschooling to help families, like yours and mine, find high quality free homeschool curriculum. Freedom Homeschooling brings all of this curriculum together in one convenient, easy to navigate website.

I hope that Freedom Homeschooling will make it easier for you to locate free curriculum that meets your family’s needs. For more information about Freedom Homeschooling, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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